Friday, February 19, 2010

Rough time!

So, things have been a little rough around here lately with my little boogie!
Last month she decided that coloring all over herself with a black sharpie would be super fun!

I think she stashed the marker in her room at some earlier time and then decided that while she was "supposed" to be taking a nap would be a good time to color! It was up her nose and everything.

Then we had our first major ouchie! Not emergency room major, but still "My poor baby!"

I felt terrible, she caught herself in the mouth with the broom handle. I couldn't believe how much it swelled up.


StarWarsFans98 said...

Oh my word! Those are quite the pictures. My girlie has gotten herself in quite a bit of trouble, but thank goodness no sharpies have been involved. LOL! I'm surprised at how big the broom handle injury got as well. Ouch! I hope she's better soon.

Kelseyll =) said...

Poor little thing! The lip really looks like it hurt, hopefully the swelling went down fairly soon! I can't believe she didn't get the marker on her clothes!!! My daughter learned that you use a pencil or crayons to trace your hand on paper, NOT markers! They weren't Sharpies though!!! LOL =)