Monday, December 22, 2008


I have exciting news! I am leaving both AhhhScrap and Digital Paper Hearts and moving exclusively to a new store (well the store is not new, but I will be new to the store). I can't share which store yet but I am sure you have all heard of it! Watch for the big announcement! I am so excited, it is one of my dream stores.
So with that said I am going to finish up December at AhhhScrap and DPH then I will be storeless for January. But don't worry because I will still be designing in January getting ready for my big grand opening in February. I have some awesome new kits that will be making their debut in my new store.
And keep watching my blog because sometime in January I will be doing another blog freebie. This time it will be a full kit. So you don't want to miss it!

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Giovana Samara (a.k.a MsRed) said...

Jessica... Where is the freebie kit you promised, huh?

Today is the last day of the month!

You naughty girl!